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from the Managing Director

Our involvement in buildings goes back a long way, including construction, sales, leasing and management of real estate.
In particular, the management industries remain underrated.  However, no matter how deeply the IT and artificial intelligence interact with our daily lives, it is an area that ultimately requires physical interaction by hand, a flexible business which caters for various individual tasks and requirements.
Nevertheless, a dedication for this behind-the-scene work which I believe, provides the potential of making an adequate contribution to society.
Orders relating to energy-conserving consultation work and marketing promotions have increased in recent years alongside with the building management operations.  For our clients, we wish to remain a phone call away if they ever need us.

Furthermore in 2017, we have launched a new cosmetics enterprise.  We are constantly working close together with research institutes with the aim of introducing exclusive and cutting edge products to the existing highly competitive market place.  We are hoping to make a humble contribution towards improving people's health and wellbeing. 
Notwithstanding we are relatively a new entity, whilst embracing the aspiration we had on day one, we will endeavour to work hard towards accomplishing our principles whilst preserving our values and trust from our partners and clients.

Yoshitaka Okada


Trading Name: Business Innovator Limited Liability Company

Head office: 1925-25 Hananoi, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture
tel.+81-4-7103-0309 fax.+81-4-7103-4333

Founded: 21 October 2011
Managing Director: Yoshitaka Okada

Fields of operation:
*Building management & maintenance
*Home improvements
*Consulting services on energy conservation
*Design, development and marketing of cosmetics and household products


 Our Philosophy
  For your everyday comfort


Become an innovator!  


Our History

21 October  :   Founded
1 April          :  Established
1 May          :   Relocated to the current address
October       :  New operation launched (cosmetics)
February     :  Own-branded cosmetics launched in Singapore (pilot sales)
July             :   Cosmetics scheduled to go on sale


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tel.+81-4-7103-0309 fax.+81-4-7103-4333