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Building management contracts

* Janitorial (Daily and routine cleaning)
* Facility management (Inspections and repairs of lifts, boilers etc.)
* Environmental & hygiene management (Servicing, inspection and repair of sewage treatment systems, air conditioning and lighting)
* Aerial works (Cleaning windows / signboards, replacing lighting tubes etc.)
* Landscape management (Weeding, pruning, pest control (disinfecting), landscaping etc.)

Maintenance & Renovations

Service restorations
* Interior decorations (Wallpapering, Tatami re-upholstering, flooring etc.)
* Building & construction (Water & electrical mains, fencing, exterior walls, parking bay facilities installations etc.)

Energy conserving consulting

Consulting services for reduction in electricity costs in educational, medical and commercial facilities, as well as private residential homes.

Designing & marketing of cosmetics
and household products

Designing and development of own-branded cosmetics and household products, brand management, marketing of products in Japan and worldwide.